# 0781
Caxinas – Edifício de Habitação e Comércio
Caxinas, Vila do Conde - 2013

The collective trade and residential building took place in Av. Infante D. Henrique, in Caxinas, parish and municipality of Vila do Conde. The program develops on two underground floors for the car parking; on the ground floor, apart from the vertical accesses to housing and garages access, consists of shops with areas between 74 and 104 m2; the remaining four floors are for housing. Aesthetically, sought a solution which, with simplicity defines his characterization in elevations and in the generating movement of plants that originate in obedience to the allotment project in which it is insert. Its construction was performed in two stages by dividing the building into two separate blocks, the first refers to 2011 and is built, the second for the year 2014 and is under construction.