# 0809
Moradia Labruge #1
Labruge, Vila do Conde - 2012

Inserted in the allotment of Labruge, this house benefits from 4 free fronts. Like the other lots, develops on 3 floors; being the basement floor the garage, storerooms and laundry; the ground-floor living room, kitchen and bathroom; and the 1st floor for the rooms. The horizontality is reinforced by the reading of the extension of the slabs, which despite being on different floors, are merging in the east and west elevations. Keeping this interpretation of plans, two of them are different from the others by the use of shale. The first is visible in the east elevation and highlights the area of the entrance, widening the plans moving reading. The second arises in the south elevation. This is the wall that protects and guarantees some privacy to those who use the outer space. The entire west elevation is open, but the advance of the slabs creates a protection so that the incoming sunlight not be excessive. With exception of this elevation, all the openings are controlled for don’t lose the idea of "sandwich slabs", having therefore windows that act as rips in different planes.