# 01315
Mouzinho da Silveira
Rua Mouzinho da Silveira - 2016

The intervention takes place in two buildings integrated in ZIP area (zone of priority intervention) for the purpose of housing and commerce. As is common in this part of the city, the two buildings were uninhabited with the exception of the GROUND FLOOR with entrance through the street Mouzinho da Silveira, where until the date of the intervention operated a commercial establishment. The upper floors were in poor condition, some of them in a state of ruin. It was also uncharacterized and in an advanced state of degradation part of the back façade where the way of bondage ends. In a classified area and historic center of Porto, the program includes two commercial establishments that take advantage of the existing ceilings and basement. For the upper floors were designed five apartments type T0, and five type T1 on the three upper floors and roofed, all of them with access by the street Ponte Nova. The commercial establishments have access through the street Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, benefiting from the wide walks that values ​​the commercial vocation of this way, finally recovered. From the point of view of the intervention, the existing façades were rehabilitated, reformulating some openings at ground level in the materials and colors that requalify the original design while maintaining the alignment of the upper openings and the markings on the facade.