• November | 2017
    Revista – Vida Imobiliária (Outubro 2017)
  • April | 2015
    Revista – Semana da reabilitação urbana

    The building "Mercadores da Ribeira", intended for local accommodation and bar in "Rua Clube do Fluvial Portuense" was a candidate for the National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation in 2015.

  • February | 2015
    Porto Ribeira Hotel – Vida Imobiliária

    Porto Ribeira Hotel opens in 2016 and increases capacity in the historic center.

  • March | 2014
    Revista – Semana da reabilitação urbana

    The house “Casa Das Hortênsias” was one of the candidate projects to the National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation in 2014.

  • February | 2014

    The Tattva Design recently won several awards in hostelworld.com. Was considered the best large hostel in the world and had the premiums for better installations and better price-quality ratio.

  • November | 2013

    The Cosmopolitan magazine wrote an article about Tattva Design Hostel, where fits it within the new generation of hostels that combine an attractive design with entertainment and cultural spaces at an affordable price.

  • June | 2013

    The magazine ” Viva!” wrote an article entitled "Starting Points" about Tattva Design Hostel where the hostel features are described.

  • January | 2013

    M magazine, from French newspaper Le Monde, in its Style section highlights the Tattva Design Hostel in Port, in an article which addresses the increasing offer of these accommodations in worldwide.

  • December | 2012
    Oporto Cool Awards 2012

    Coolest Hotel & CO Hotel Eurostars Arts
    On 30 December, The ”Porto Cool” disclosed the spots more 'cool' of the city selected by readers. The allocation of “OPORTOCOOL AWARDS 2012” distinguished in category Hotels the Hotel Eurostars das Artes.

  • December | 2012

    On December 12, 2012, Wallpaper magazine presents the Hostel Tattva, NN office’s project. Underlines its jovial atmosphere, located on the historic mesh of the city of Porto, World Heritage Site.

  • July | 2012

    In July 30, 2012, We Hearth makes a publication relating to the Hostel Tattva which praises this contemporary and fresh environment, which recently has led hostels to a new level. Makes it’s context in the historic area. The compliments attributed to the building, make of this text a kind of recommendation.

  • May | 2012

    At May 17, 2012, sparing no praises to the conditions offered by the building, Vision publishes a revealing "welcome" text from Tattva to the world of hostels. Speaks of the emergence of the idea, as it appeared, its insertion in the historic center and proximity to landmarks such as the Cathedral and the Tower of Clérigos.

  • May | 2012
    Oporto Cool

    At 4 May 2012 the guide Porto Cool presents the Tattva as the largest and comfortable Porto hostel. Like the other publications, emphasizes the decorative theme and identifies the different areas that make up the building.

  • September | 2011

    At September 23, 2011, the X2 journal publishes a presentation of the Hotel Teatro, designed by NN. Explains the birth of the building at 1859 and how it makes a tribute to the original role of the house, manifested itself through the formal design of the building. Tells us so, how the topic "theater" is revealed over the hotel.

  • August | 2011
    Positive momentum

    On August 4, 2011, the “Impulso Positivo” magazine publishes in the section 'ArtigoTécnico' the opinion of the Architect Miguel Nogueira about how can architecture respond to this new awareness of the need for accessibility for people with disabilities.

  • March | 2011
    More Than Real Estate

    November | 2010

  • November | 2010
    Passion for Wine

    In the section refuge, the passion for wine presents, at November 20, 2010, the most extensive publication about the Hotel Teatro. Frames the building in the historical context, since its inception. Features the hotel in a description that runs through the various scales, from the spatial design to the choice of furniture. All functions and environments are described in this text, which well value the conceptual options of the building design.

  • October | 2010
    Travel & Safaris

    In the autumn 2010 edition, the magazine Across Luxury Travel & Safaris introduced the Hotel Teatro describing the history of the building. Makes a tour of the hotel showing how, through the project could extend the memory of the building. The publication also offers an insight into how this project integrates the current panorama of occupation of Porto valuing a kind of cosmopolitan use as a way to revitalize the city.

  • September | 2010

    In search of new trends, the Journal Saturday visit a number of hotels elected by Porto and Lisbon. The publication of September 11, 2010, welcomes this selection Hotel Teatro. Makes a detailed description of the building with all the details that seduced the author and that made this work, one of the so selected for the shortlist of nominees hotels.

  • August | 2010
    News Journal

    At August 15, 2010, The News Journal refers to Hotel Teatro as winner of 'Best Interior Design' award, from the Europe & Africa Properties Awards 2009 and 2010.

  • July | 2010

    In July / August 2010 edition, Attitude magazine - Interior Design publishes Hotel Teatro. Also begins by identifying the historical building references. Characterizes the work as a "lush universe steeped in mystery and theatricality". Gives a description of the functions offered by the hotel
    and offers a wide photographic survey of the different spaces, highlighting the scenic value of each.

  • May | 2010

    At May 16, 2009, the “Fugas” supplement, from “Público” (Portuguese newspaper), presents the Hotel Axis giving emphasis to its location, which benefits from its proximity accessibility to major roads. The article reveals all hotel potential as the convention center, the spa and the different subjects as they unfold over the different floors. A carefully detailed description, is offered to the reader a set of reasons to visit this hotel designed by NN office.

  • May | 2010

    In the edition number 203, the “Sábado” magazine publishes Eurostar Hotel of the Arts. Makes a bridge between what was once the building and the new building, designed by NN and how it respect the memory of what was once a school. Shows and describe some of the hotel spaces, with a sort of guide with all the elements necessary for your visit.

  • April | 2010

    At April 29, 2010, Vision magazine features an article about the Hotel Teatro, which describes its origin, referring to historical records and making known the importance of these for the building design. The article is a kind of tour of the hotel, in a very inviting to your visit text.

  • February | 2010
    News Journal

    Even before the opening, at February 22, 2010, the “Jornal de Notícias” newspaper announces the appearance of the Hotel Teatro. Explains the choice for the location and reveals the origin of the building by describing the emblematic story that this had as theater, and how the theater theme was manifesting along the hotel's design concept.

  • January | 2010

    In the edition number 135, the “Essencial” supplement, from “Jornal Sol” (Portuguese newspaper) presents the Hotel Axis highlighting and praising the decorative thematic diversity of each floor and stressing the comfort offered by each space. Like the other publications relating to this building, the author highlights the spa and the accessibilities of the hotel.

  • April | 2009

    Shortly after opening, the “Visão” magazine publishes at April 2, 2009 an article with the theme of the Hotel Axis, authored by NN. With this news we realize how environmental concerns are revealed in the design and realization of the building. Also here is given some relevance in the presentation made to the spa and the various reasons that make up the decor of the hotel.

  • April | 2009
    Essencial (complemento do jornal Sol)

    In an article entitled "Compliment to Porto" describes the hotel Axis Port Business and Spa Hotel which is "the latest Hotel Axis Hotels and Golf group (...)"

  • July | 2004
    Strategy in Real Estate

    In July 2004, the “Porto Vivo” launches a book “Estratégia em Imobiliário” (Strategy in Real Estate) - Application to Urban renewal in the center of Porto where presents four stroke intervention proposals in 2004/2005 from the Pros Graduate Real Estate Management at the Faculty of Economics of Porto, between them, the Vintage Plaza, developed by the Architect Miguel Nogueira.

  • December | 2002
    First January

    At December 10, 2002, the “Primeiro de Janeiro” newspaper presents the housing project Lidador, designed by NN. Making an almost detailed description of the operation of each house, the article reveals a lot of enjoyable and challenging experiences to the particularities of this project, described as an oasis inside of a consolidated urban mesh.

  • June | 2001
    Strange Eyes

    In the context of Rotterdam-Porto, the Capitals of Culture 2001 and at the SV Interieurgroep and BNA Kring Rijnmond, is launched a challenge to 24 architects. The “Strange Eyes” resulted in an exhibition where 12 architects from Porto (including Miguel Nogueira) were invited to reveal a look over Rotterdam and 12 architects from Rotterdam about the city of Porto. After the exposure was released the book- the work performed catalog.

  • September | 1997
    Daily News

    In September 21, 1997, the “Diário de Notícias” (Portuguese newspaper) published the inauguration of the Monument to the Business Activity, Maia, NN office’s authorship. In a description almost epic, the author reveals the importance and the reason for the memorial.

  • October | 1993
    Daily News

    Also view the magazine 28 October 1993 makes a publication on the terminal X, where spares compliments as regards the description of the spatial characteristics of the club.

  • October | 1993

    On 30 October 1993 the Daily News publishes in section Venues / Styles presentation space as X Terminal nightlife, designed by NN, which includes references to ancient European clubs and their function requires that the technical concerns regarding the treatment of