# 052
Tattva Design Hostel
Port - 2012

Located fully in historic area of Porto, in Rua do Cativo, near the Cathedral of the city, the hostel is within the perimeter of urban and architectural interest. The project which is part of the union of two buildings to accommodate an establishment of local accommodation preserves the facade of nature "Almadina", with changes made only on the inside. Intended to foster the preservation and replacement of elements that characterize very well the architectural and constructive image of buildings classified as "World Heritage". Is made up of a total of 16 rooms, where 4 are capable of installing handicapped. The name “Tattva” was inspired by the word "element" in Sanskrit, representing the five elements from which life evolves: earth, water, air, fire and sky. These elements were the starting point for the creation of the hostel environments designed to create an excellent level of comfort and intimacy, both in private areas, or the many common areas. The two private suites, restaurant accessible to the general public and a terrace with stunning views over the city are other highlights of this project. It has a total construction area of 1450.50 m2.