# 054
Hotel Teatro
Port - 2010

Located in Porto’s downtown, in Rua Sá da Bandeira, the building is part of a urban network perfectly consolidate. The intervention was based on a service building and offices of the early 70’s which replaced the old Theatre “Basquet “- the showroom with more prominently in Porto during the second half of the nineteenth century. In good condition, although disabled for a few years the building was converted to hotel unit from the existing structure markedly geometrical character and with the depuration treatment of façades own modernist language. This contrast image mixed with the world of the performing and dramatic arts was the starting point for the concept of architecture and innovative interior. Recreating the unique, refined and bohemian halls in the interior decor setting, the hotel is rated with 4 stars and is the first hotel in Porto being included in the international category Design Hotels.
The hotel program was distributed for seven floors and is composed by 74 units of accommodation, restaurant and bar organized around an interior courtyard, and a rooftop gym.
It has a total construction area of 5,047 m2.