# 0372
Quinta das Antas
Resende - 2009

The project is located in Caldas de Aregos, Resende, where the terrain is strongly characterized by ledges landscape and an excellent panoramic view, especially in the bay of Caldas de Aregos where the marina is located.
The access to the farm is done by an existing street located in the north, the internal roads are constrained by topography and designed not to harm it.
Provides a program consisting of: hotel unit with rating of 4 stars and 60 rooms, panoramic restaurant, museum space, infinity pool on the Douro with Water Flow, Thermal Spa which takes advantage of the sulphurous waters, 30 housings T1 and T3, Kids Club and sports area with playing fields.
The program also extends to upgrading the existing pedestrians ways, creating others that provide pleasant walks and joining the various spaces described.